Made with the Finest Ingredients

Your choice pasta bowl

Spaghetti, penne or fettuccine with your choice of sauce (tomato sauce, marinara, or meat)


Add meatballs or sausage: $2.00

Homemade Lasagna or Cheese Ravioli


Manicotti piemontesi

Homemade crepes stuffed with ricotta cheese, mozzarella and spinach, baked in tomato sauce and b├ęchamel sauce


Penne vodka

Vodka tomato cream sauce, pancetta and basil


Baked penne

Ricotta, meat sauce and mozzarella


Pasta oil and garlic


Add chicken: $2.00; Add broccoli: $2.00

The Parms

Chicken, eggplant or veal, served with side pasta


Pasta Alfredo


Add chicken: $2.00; Add shrimp: $3.00